In its mobile (phone and tablet) form, this book contains several special apps. These are listed below. Some are also embedded in the book as interactive illustrations.

  • Bluetooth Controller -- a simple serial link between this device and a Launchpad or Arduino with a Bluetooth adapter. Anything the Launchpad sends to the Bluetooth adapter using Serial.print() will appear on this screen, and you can send text from here to the Launchpad.
  • Bluetooth Accelerometer -- sends this devices x, y, and z accelerometer readings to a Launchpad with a Bluetooth adapter. A Launchpad program to read these values and use them to control the pitch of sounds going to three speakers is here.
  • Resistance Calculator -- converts between resistance values and color codes, and finds the standard resistor closest to the value you enter.
  • Candela Calculator -- converts between lux, lumens, and candelas, using easy sliders.